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Category: Tank Gauging

Online Fuel Gauge Data


View up to date Tank Gauge Data online from anywhere. Requires 

   -   Local connection from Tank Gauge Monitor to PC

   -   Monitoring Tank Gauge PC application

   -   PC Internet Connection

HDA ECO 1 +24v DC Fuel Management System

  • 24v DC Fuel Management System
  • Suitable for truck fuel transfer
  • Display: LC-Display illuminated, 2 x 20 digits, 9 mm digit height
  • Connection of: pump, flow meter with pulser, nozzle switch, fill-level probe or floating switch for monitoring the fill level
  • Keyfobs : up to 2,000 drivers and vehicles
  • Storage capacity: of up 10,000 filling operations, electronic journal
  • Includes software HD Manager eco / Cloud Data

NANO Console – Tank Gauging

The Nano® tank gauge offers an easy-to-use interface and remote accessibility in a compact console, delivering precision inventory monitoring for fuel sites of all sizes.

The gauge’s small equipment footprint and patented multi-drop technology make it ideal for fuel sites of any size. The Nano can monitor up to 12 probes and 24 sensors, while its multi-drop technology lowers installation costs through reduced wiring expenses.

Users can schedule daily, weekly and monthly static leak detection tests and reports. The Nano’s Automatic Calibration and Reconciliation (ACR) ensures the gauge’s information is reconciled for up-to-date transaction data.

Designed for convenience, the Nano provides access to precise inventory data. The console’s large touchscreen communicates inventory, compliance and delivery statuses, as well as warnings and alarms. User-friendly software provides a “Calendar” view, while a “Favorites” list enables quick recall of the most-used filters.

Remote access allows users to control the gauge from anywhere. Employee training, emergency support and upgrades can be facilitated through remote capabilities, making the Nano one of the most user-friendly tank gauges in the industry