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Use the MPC100 to easily operate pumps and accurately control both two-stage or digital multi-stage flow control valves. In addition, the controller can measure and record flowrates, temperatures, and fluid densities. In standalone mode, it features a useful built-in code security system to help prevent unauthorised access and remote office printing for bills of loading reports. The MPC stores up to 30,000 transactions. When connected with an office-based printer or combined with Terminal Automation Software, the MPC outputs a ready-made bill of lading, which can be fully customised according to location needs. It can also be fully integrated with depot automation software to enable loading and unloading controls within larger site management systems.

Features and Benefits of Load Computer

  • Clear backlit display and keypad for low-light conditions
  • Rugged and lightweight enclosure for durability
  • Compatibility with a variety of commercial flow meters
  • Optional temperature compensation for accuracy
  • Two-level of authorised user access for security
  • Custody transfer approved to international MID standards